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Superzilla is made from natural based products (plants) and it's patent pending formula is a superior cleaner, lubricant and penetrating oil. As a cleaner Superzilla will remove grease, oil, tar, rust, carbon, permanent marker, nail polish, ink, pine sap, crayon, scuff marks, label adhesives and many other difficult items to remove. As a lubricant Superzilla is more slippery than oil and it's non-ionic properties keeps the dust and dirt from being attracted to the lubricant. When it comes to penetrating rusty nuts and bolts Superzilla is in a league of its own. Because of its unique capillary action, Superzilla can be put on one side of a rusty nut and it will walk through the treads and come out 1/2 of an inch on the other side of the nut. While it is walking on metal Superzilla is breaking down the rust.

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“I have been a locksmith for 50 years and used many lubricants in the field. Consistently Superzilla has outperformed everything we have ever used or sold here. I opened a padlock that had been neglected for years hanging on a fence outdoors. We put Superzilla on it and within 15 seconds it was working like brand new. This product across my counter retails for 1/3 less than what we were using, it is more eco-friendly and it beats the pants off anything I have found. I have not heard one negative word about it from the private or government sector. It will go through locks and bolts like a house afire!”

~Mark B.
Marks Lock Shop

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